Kitchener Sports Association / ISC WT 2018 LEGACY GRANTS

Kitchener Sports Association, in collaboration with the local ISC Host Committee for the International Softball Congress 2018 World Tournament, is pleased to provide one-time funding for “Legacy Grants” for “Minor Softball / Baseball” Associations in Kitchener, Waterloo, Wellesley, Wilmot and Woolwich.

LEGACY GRANTS – Kitchener Sports Association has generously provided funding for Kitchener Sports Association (KSA) / International Softball Congress (ISC) grants totaling a maximum of $20,000.

Grant applications will be considered from organizations that:

  • Provide softball / baseball programs (including blast ball, three-pitch, coach-pitch, t-ball and rookie
    ball) for youth age 17 and under and/or organizations proving ball programs for clients who
    have developmental challenges in Kitchener, Waterloo, Wellesley, Wilmot & Woolwich
  • Meet the general funding eligibility of Kitchener Sports Association (
  • Request one-time funding that will meet
    • a specific capital need or
    • an innovative one-time program/service for 2018 or 2019 that is NOT part of the
      organization’s traditional annual operating budget

APPLICATION – Complete one-page form, duly signed by the organization’s president/ designate.

PLUS describe how this project will have a positive impact for the organization and its participants

Budget – provide a budget for the proposed project, including:
(i) all sources of revenue, including the grant requested from KSA/ISC
(ii) projected expenses resulting in a balanced budget for the project.

Financial statement – include a copy of the organization’s most recent annual financial statement.

Publicity – indicate how this funding grant will be publicized through the applicant’s efforts, within the
applicant organization as well as in the community-at-large. Note that KSA/ISC also has the right to
publicize the approval of the grant to the community-at-large. Cheque presentation will be scheduled to be
held at the 2018 ISC World Tournament at Peter Hallman Ball Yard in August 2018.

Grants in excess of $4,000 – applications exceeding $4,000 in requested KSA/ISC funding will require
the organization to meet informally (20-30 minutes) with the Grants Committee in May 2018.
Submission – Five (5) copies of the application (available here) and supporting documents must be submitted by the
application deadline of Monday April 30, 2018 to:

KSA/ISC Legacy Grants,
C/O John Thompson
284 Whitmore Drive, Waterloo, ON N2K 2N5